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Skin Analysis with The Touch of a Button


Your skin is unique, our licensed experts will guide you through your skin clarity journey


One of a kind professional treatment, customized for your individual skin needs


Enhance and maintain your professional treatment results

Choosing A Virtual Consultation

Why virtual

Convenience – we know you are busy, between work, home and the everyday demands of life, finding time for yourself is not always easy. Our virtual consultation takes less than 30 minutes provides the basic information of what SURPLEXION Skin Therapy is all about and how we can help you achieve your skin clarity goals.

Getting to know us - SURPLEXION Skin Therapy Experts

SURPLEXION Skin Therapy experts are all licensed professionals with expertise in skin analysis, and the science of successfully treating Hyperpigmentation. Our experts attend advanced skin histology, ingredient education and practical treatment therapy classes prior to ever working with our clients.  

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