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About us

Surplexion PROMED Complexion Code represents a breakthrough in skin clarity systems, effectively removing dark spots.

Developed in Spain, the global epicenter of advanced pharmaceutical skin care solutions, PROMED Complexion Code is the culmination of extensive research and collaboration with top hyperpigmentation experts. Our goal is to decode the triggers behind melasma and similar skin concerns.

With our advanced technology, we've developed a unique formula harnessing precise computational chemistry, BioSRX. This proprietary blend features powerful active ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties. It works wonders, significantly inhibiting melanin production and eradicating pigmentation deposits.

Simple, effective, and designed for convenience, our system caters to both medical professionals and those in the aesthetics field.

Our standout feature is the inclusion of all skin types that can benefit from our product's remarkable results.

For the first time, you can confidently have a life without dark spots.