One and only one focus... dark spots


One and only one focus... dark spots


Your skin is unique, our licensed experts will guide you through your skin clarity journey


One of a kind professional treatment, customized for your individual skin needs 


Enhance and maintain your professional treatment results

Surplexion Method 

Expertise   Technology   Results

Your time is spread thin, between work, family, friends, and other day-to-day obligations it can be hard to find time for yourself. Wanting to make a change by bringing clarity to your skin and brightening your skin may seem like an after-thought with all you have to do.   

Relax, let us take care of your complexion, it’s time for you. Time to bring clarity not only to your skin, but your mind as well. Let us help you find your confidence again, believe it or not, a little confidence goes a long way in helping you handle those day-to-day tasks.   

Your SURPLEXION Skin Therapy journey will begin with an individual and personalized consultation. Using the SRX Analysis System, a series of photographs will analyze the number of dark spots, skin discolorations, texture imperfections, depth of pigmentation and the fine lines and wrinkles often associated with UV and environmental damage. 

Our licensed experts will then create a customized professional treatment and maintenance program which consists of a scientifically designed course of therapeutics unlike any other for the relief of pigmentation.  


Professional Evaluation


(credited towards your first treatment)

The SRX Analysis System helps us to customize your personal treatment plan targeting your specific skin needs. 

All Personalized Treatments 

One Focus - One Price


(all treatments)

Light pigmentation/few spots/uneven
skin tone

Medium pigmentation/moderate UV damage or early signs of Melasma

Dark pigmentation/advanced UV damage or evolved Melasma

*Some treatments may require more than 1 visit - each session is $300

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